Monday 18 June 2018

YEAR 12 LIT..18th June 2018

In the last session I introduced an Anthology of poetry to assist you when preparing for your COURSEWORK. We discussed how MODERNISM attempted to create a new literary form to capture the experience of the new century. I referred to the work of Picasso and how his work changed in an attempt to find a new form of artistic expression to reflect the complexity of the industrial world. We lionked this to Eliot's LOVE SONG OF J. ALFRED PRUFROCK.

This is Picasso's work in  1900..


This is Picasso's work in 1907..

Below is a link to a recent interview on Channel Four News with the brilliant poet Bejamin Zephaniah...Click on link below...He is a man with views that are worthy of your attention. READ HIS POETRY. HE IS AN INCREDIBLE TALENT but is not considered canonical. BE AWARE OF HIS EXISTENCE...
Here is his poem..MONEY..1991.. 

BEN OKRI and the power of poetry..
Here is Ben Okri's poem about GREENFELL... 

TONY HARRISON'S V...this is the film from 1987..Part One..You can navigate from here.. 
This is the poet that we will study for the second paper of the exam. V is an incredibly controversial poem. READ IT..LISTEN TO IT...THINK ABOUT IT...

EXPLORING V...BBC Radio 4 Documentary...Essential resource.. 
This is the audio recording of the poem from the BBC.. 

Here is a link to my TONY HARRISON PODCAST...

Thursday 31 May 2018


Section A...Texts to generate class discussion..
Trailer..Citizen Four...
Absolutely cultured:
Independent article linked to Hull:
Westworld Trailer:
Black Mirror trailer:
Jonathan Pie.. 

How are media forms or language used to engage the reader?
How is Hull represented in these two texts? [texts 2 and 3]
How is humanity represented in these texts? [texts 1 and 6]
Who is the target audience for texts 4 and 5?

Ackley Bridge: 
TEACH FIRST adverts:
Watch this cracker...!!!
How is education represented in these two texts?

Questions 2 and 3 will ask you to consider media issues that link in some way to the two texts in the opening question. Students may need to apply MEDIA THEORY and show an awareness of HOW AN AUDIENCE MAY USE a media text. Students need to also be aware of NARRATIVE THEORY.
For example, HOW might an audience gain pleasure from watching a documentary such as Citizen Four , Westworld, or Jonathan Pie?
Students must be able to apply media theory to these kind of questions.
HOW MIGHT THE AUDIENCE GAIN PLEASURE FROM A TEXT? Be aware of the theories that suggest that the audience is passive and asctive.

Question 2....How might an audience gain pleasure from a series such as Westworld?
Question 3 may ask students to consider a wider media issue. It could ba absolutely anything..form the influence of social media to the difficulties of regulating media..Question 3 will demand that you illustrate your underrstanding of current media issues and debates..

SECTION B...The Impact of New and Digital Media....

I have made it very clear that students will only be successful in Section B if they have indulged in some serious independent research. The whole aim of this section is for students to offer a wide range of media examples when confronting the focus of the question. Conclusions need to be evaluative and powerful. Conclusions need to leave the examiner feeling that you actually care about this subject.

Issues and debates....
REGULATION..When does regulation become censorship? How does regulation differ in different parts of the world?
GLOBALISATION and advantages/disadvantages of global interconnectivity...
MEDIA AND DEMOCRACY...Has NDM created a more democratic world?
5 countries that block the web..
Internet access statistics UK..

Some decent recent resources from my blog....
Humans of New York..
Irish Abortion referendum being hijacked by American pro-life groups:
The films of Waad Al-Kateab in Syria..Citizen Journalism that was broadcast by a mainstream news broadcaster..
This page has some particularly decent links...
Note the comments by politicians such as Amber Rudd [now sacked] and Jeremy Hunt. Both blame social media for issues that could actually be caused by thier own policies.
These two links are also packed with relevant resources:

Tuesday 22 May 2018

Y13 22nd May...FINAL WEEK...

HUMANS OF NEW YORK RESOURCE...this is a good example of new and digital media being used by the audience to become the producer and inspire the creative instinct in other people.
Humans of...???? Stanton's idea has been used as a starting point for photographers all over the world.


Humans of Leeds:

Friday 11 May 2018

YEAR 13 11th May..resources..

Interesting use of 'digital influence' linked to Ireland's Abortion referendum. More evidence that interconnectivity may be problematic. Media issues and debates?

Consider the Section A questions from the last session.

AND consider possible content for the SECTION B question...

One of the great benefits of new and digital media is that they have enabled audiences to set their own agenda in terms of how they use media. Does evidence from your case study support this view?

Tuesday 1 May 2018

Friday 27 April 2018

April 27th Y13 Media...

Robert Fisk...

'Journalism must challenge authority, ALL authority,  especially when governments and politicians take us to war..'

Facebook resource...'A MORALITY FREE ZONE'.. 
Facebook advert?? You celebrate one billion online users... 

How is Facebook represented in these two texts?

'Social media is dangerous.' To what extent do you agree with this statement?

'New Digital Media is little more than a device to manipulate people.'
To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Homework..Plan this essay..It will be a timed response next Friday.

Tuesday 24 April 2018

April 24th Y13 resources...

At the moment the mainstream media is being attacked for its bias linked to Syria and Windrush. The mainstream media is being criticised for merely supporting the view of the government and failing to challenge the information being presented to them by government sources.
Here is research from the London School of Economics that concludes that the mainstream media do not represent the views of Jeremy Corbyn in a 'democratic' manner: 
The last two paragraphs of the above article summarise the findings of the report.
This article published last week by Owen Jones has caused some controversy...WE CAN NO LONGER PRETEND THAT THE PRESS IS IMPARTIAL...:
Peter Oborne writing on the Spectator blog..WE HAVE A MORAL DUTY TO MISTRUST THE GOVERNMENT ON SYRIA:

Be aware that AMELIA GENTLEMAN'S journalism helped amplify the horror of the Windrush controversy: 
Waad Al-Kateab's brilliant films broadcast by Channel Four in Aleppo...Quality citizen journalism: 
Nick Davies discovered the phone hacking scandal:
Channel Four's coverage of the WINDRUSH disgrace and the Cambridge Analytica scandal have been fine examples of investigative journalism.

Novara media's sympathetic view of Owen Jones' article..: 

FACEBOOK continue to be attacked for lack of regulation..Martyn Lewis: 
Jeremy Hunt attacks social media..
Remember Amber Rudd blaming social media for knife crime..

Section A resources:
Conservative local election broadcast: 
Scottish Labour Party broadcast:

How is each text using media forms to shape representation?